Yoga with Sarah Melnyk

Early morning yoga is a great way to center yourself, listen to your body and set an intention.

$15 Drop in

6:30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Weight Training with Shane Raganooth

High-intensity workout combining dance and strength training

$15 Drop in

5pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Zumba Core with Shayna Sales

Focuses on toning and strengthening the core muscles

$15 Drop in

5pm Tuesday, Thursday

Zumba Salsa with Shayna Sales

Learn the basic steps and movements of salsa while getting a great workout

$15 Drop in

1pm Sunday

Zumba Hip Hop with Shayna Sales

Fun and energetic dance workout inspired by hip hop music

$15 Drop in

6:30pm Tuesday, Thursday

HIIT with Sarah Melnyk

High Intensity Crossfit style training.

$15 Drop in

11am Saturday

group of people in gym while exercising
group of people in gym while exercising